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Online Booking Manager does all the donkey work behind the scenes

booking Enquiry form

The system can handle booking queries from members and non-members - with access to a simple form they can provide details on their booking requirements eg., if someone wants to enquire about hiring an indoor hall for a function/event. The system records all of this information for reports and lookbacks.


The system can also be used to communicate announcements or notices that are relevant to the booking of facilities- eg., if a facility has been effected by weather, or, any 'last minute' changes that the user needs to be aware of etc

Multiple admins and roles

The system administrator can assign various levels of user access to groups or individuals eg., wheather a user can make a provisional or confirmed booking - provisional bookings must be approved by the administrator. This would be useful for sports clubs where pitches,training areas (indoor/outdoor) or other such facilities are allocated time slots.

System & usage reports

All of the data used by the system is readily availble and stored for any custom reports that may be required at any time. This feature is particularly useful for business/organisations that need to collate usage information for third parties, or , for internal reports on Reserved Resources,Reserved Accessories,Resource Usage - Time Booked,Resource Usage - Reservation Count , Top 20 Users - Time Booked etc.

Custom schedulers

All of your facilities can be listed against available time slots in a clear and simple sheet so people can easily select the the facility and the time that suits them - schedules can be customised to periods of time from 15mins to all day. Facilities that can be shared eg., a full-size training/pitch area can be recorded on the system as 2/3 available areas for bookings.


Our system can be used on mobiles and tablets and is fully responsive. System can be fully integrated into your website - no need for separate URL's.

Documents and files can be attached to bookings - eg., if a hall or room needs to be layed out in a particular way a pdf or jpg of the layour can be attached to the booking by the person making the booking.



Enter details of the resources that you want the online system to manage - users will be able to see what is available on the schedule for booking - the time/date that it is available.

2. people make bookings

People book via your public page, you have complete control on this - you can also allow certain users to book facilities directly or provisionally - or you approve all bookings .

3. USAGE & monitoring

All bookings details are held on a secure database - this data can then be download for processing offline - or included in customised reports via the system menu.


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