DBK Services have conducted a number of studies on ICT-related job vacancies advertised across various sectors of Irish industry. Our studies show that specific ICT skills are in demand and feedback from employers suggest difficulties in sourcing candidates with the specific skill-sets to match their needs. The latest skills bulletin from the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs also identified the following :

ICT Skills shortages

software developers
databases/big data,
specific product knowledge
IT security
technical support
networking and infrastructure

Global Skills Survey

The Global Skills survey has identified a significant skills mismatch for Ireland and a number of sectors within Irish Industry have highlighted unfilled job vacancies for their specific sector.

The gap between the skills of the current workforce and the skills businesses need to achieve their growth plans is widening. Despite rising business confidence equating to more jobs, organisations are struggling to find the right people to fill these positions.

- Michael Rendell, global HR consulting leader at PWC

Such reports and actual feedback from industry are used by DBK Services to provide both public and private training providers with meaningful data which can be used when developing training strategies and interventions aimed at bridging the ICT skills gap.

Part of our work is to analyse available data on ICT job vacancies across sectors of Irish industry and use this data to identify opportunities for training. This information is shared with public enterprises, state agencies and training providers to assist in focussing resources around appropriate training interventions that meet the needs of employers.