Our Experience of eLearning

Our knowledge of  elearning comes from a deep practical ‘hands-on’ experience within the eLearning landscape. Our expertise is rooted in the management, development, day-to-day operation and implementation of a national online service within the Republic of Ireland.

We bring this expertise and knowledge to support our clients in developing their eLearning strategy.

We offer a range of support services and expertise for training providers involved in the preparation & delivery of training programmes that target labour market activation, which could be delivered using elearning methodology. We have expertise which includes;

  • identification of appropriate LMS systemstop-ten-LMS
  • specifications for support infrastructure
  • e-Tutor service & learner support systems
  • evaluations (delivery,content,support)
  • online testing ,certification & results capture
Education is of ever growing importance for the development of social and human competencies, every-day life, employment as well as social and cultural cohesion in rapidly changing living and working environments. In an era of globalisation and rapid technological change, Europe’s competitiveness and wealth will depend on its ability to become an advanced knowledge-based society through constant improvement in lifelong education and training of the population in general and the work force in particular, including e-learning. Traditional classroom-based school education should be supplemented in order to prepare for these challenges. Our societies are faced with greater student mobility, flexibility of working times, the replacement of linear professional careers by sequences of working and learning periods, the need to reconcile both family and working life, and the penetration of new media and communication services into all areas of life.
– Council of Europe e-Learning Statement